July 01, 2016

Get That Calcium In!

Hey fashionistas! I know it's been a while since my last post. Since I'm always encouraging you guys to live the best and healthiest lives you can possibly live, giving you dietary and fitness advice, one of my favorite post yoga snacks is yogurt. I'll eat yogurt in the morning for breakfast or at some point throughout the day. It's a great source of calcium to support strong bones and teeth. :)

Right now, I've been introduced to the Chobani flips. I love yogurt like this because you get your flavored yogurt with clusters and chunks of your favorite crunchy snacks. The part about the taste is the balance of flavors between the yogurt and the clustered additives. The Chobani Flips come in many assorted flavors depending on what you particularly have a taste for such as sweet, tart, and even spicy flavors. Their are a good variety of flavors to choose from such as Key Lime Crumble, Peanut Butter Dream, to Sriracha Mango.

I find Chobani Flips to be good portable nutrition for lunches or breakfast on the run. Also you don't have to be on the go to enjoy this snack, my new roommate and her mom purchased these while we were at Target, as soon as we got home she ate one of the containers. This shows it's a perfect thing to eat in between meals as well as very filling to curve your appetite a little longer until your next meal.

If you're a calorie counter when it comes to your dietary health, do not fret! There maybe 18g of sugar, but regular amounts of physical activity throughout the day will allow you to burn off calories in no time. Also while you're at it, you're getting 12g of protein! Also according the their website, the Greek yogurt is kosher, vegan, and non-GMO.

So if you get a chance, check out the Chobani flowchart to see all their flavors. My personal favorite is the Peanut Butter Dream because if anyone knows me, I love to put peanut butter on everything. I hope as always that I'm encouraging good lifestyle choices amongst you guys, and of course...

Stay Beautiful <3

April 29, 2016

Cool for the Summer Playlist

Hey fashionistas! It's April going on May and it's getting close to the end of the school year for most of you, graduation approaching soon followed by the hot and sweet  3-4 months of freedom. So whether you're going on vacation or having a stay-cation of your own here's my top ten songs on my summer soundtrack I've been working on for 2016. Some songs are throwbacks that have I've recently started loving again, so like or comment if you remember any of my throwback tracks.

10. "Eyes Wide Open" Sabrina Carpenter.

9. "Love Me Harder" Ariana Grande ft. The Weekend

8. "Cool for the Summer" Demi Lovato

7. "Riding Solo" Jason Derulo

6. "Yoga" Janelle Monae ft. Jidenna
*My theme song! Yoga's my life!!

5. "Cake by the Ocean" DNCE

4. "Holla at the DJ" Coco Jones

3. "Team" Iggy Azalea.

2. "Love You Forever" Zendaya  

1.  "Feelin' Myself" ft. Miley Cyrus, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa and DJ Mustard

Well I hope my recommendations assist you in creating background music to all the fun I know you'll have this summer or the jam sessions you'll have with your friends or even with yourself. Please share some of your recommendations in the comments. Thanks so much for reading!

Stay Beautiful <3

April 22, 2016

Song of the Moment

Hey fashionistas! I just can't get this song out of my head so I thought I'd do another Song of the Moment post! This is the first song I listen to when I get up out of bed, it's a real energy booster. Don't know if any of you have your summer playlists picked out yet!

Stay Beautiful <3

April 15, 2016

Creating a Healthy Diet System

Hey fashionistas! This week I wanted to give you guys a basic overview of what has worked for me in terms of eating well, and maintaining a productive lifestyle. I do want to mention early on that this post is merely suggestions that work for me and I just want to share the information I've discovered and I hope that it will bring you all best success and happiness as it has brought me.

 Healthy Food House

Diet- You are what you eat

This is something to really think about whenever you put something into your mouth. Everything you consume goes into your body and becomes a part of you. When people ask me how I maintain my balanced diet, I always say that I don't define a diet as restricting what you eat, becoming vegan, vegetarian, or whatever nutritional lifestyle that's out there. I always suggest that everyone should find what works for them based on what kind of life you live. For example, I'm a dedicated yogini, I live in LA and I walk everywhere, it's sunny most of the time, and my schedule is always filled with school obligations. So generally, I'm always active and busy. With that being the case, my diet consists of mostly fruits, vegetables, eggs, granola, lots of protein, and I usually have room for a FEW cheats here and there. I try to eat foods that I know are going to give me energy to get through the day, and allow me to function to the best of my ability.

  1. As healthy as I am, I do eat junk food occasionally like a normal person. What I would suggest doing is to think about what you normally have a taste for. I've always had a huge sweet tooth, so instead of eating sugar heavy foods, I started switching to natural fruit. I love buying frozen berries from Whole Foods Market and putting them in my smoothies. I switched from eating ice cream for dessert to sorbet because I love sweet and sour flavors, and it's usually made from real fruit without any artificial ingredients. I find it ridiculous when I see people forcing themselves to eat foods that are good, when they obvious don't like the taste. I hate the taste of kale and I will never eat in unless it's heavily masked in a green smoothie! I think you should never have to compromise your acquired tastes to be healthy, but incorporate foods that taste good AND are good for you.  
  2. The next thing I would suggest thinking about is what your food values are as well as your allergies. One of my three former roommates had a lot of food allergies, so she had to accommodate her diet based on that, (i.e. gluten free, etc.). In terms of values, my biggest value when it comes to food is that I require anything I buy to be cruelty-free which is why I don't buy or eat packaged meat products. I always check the labels, I also require my food items to be non-GMO certified, and contain NO artificial ingredients because it will affect your body over time. I believe Thrive Market is a great website to look into, they sell non-perishable foods that accommodates every food value imaginable (organic, paleo, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, gluten-free, raw products, staple products, vegan, vegetarian, and much more. I personally love shopping on Thrive Market because they sell great products below retail prices and not only food, but household products, beauty, baby, pet, health products and more. I have the app on my phone which is so convenient if I need to order something right away.
  3. If you're like me and live in an area that's constantly warm, I would make sure that you're drinking enough water everyday. Being in the sun for too long can really dehydrate your body which can affect your health, as well as your hair and skin. I recently went to see my regular hairstylist back in Kentucky and I was wondering why I was having bad dandruff, but she explained to me that dandruff is a scalp condition that in which the scalp is moist and flaky so I didn't have dandruff after all, but I just had a very dry and flaky scalp because I wasn't drinking enough water. Also dehydration is the reason why I would constantly become quickly fatigued, and I had really bad headaches. So in generally you should always drink your regular 8 glasses of water.
  4. You might not like this tip if you're a caffeine addict, but you really want to cut down on having to rely on coffee to start your day. My philosophy is that coffee is for losers! I hope you don't take that the wrong way, but I don't like the idea of giving coffee the power of whether you are awake during the day. I personally stopped drinking coffee a while ago because it would mess up my stomach and there was always this definite crash maybe two or three hours afterwards and then I would need another cup. Besides, it will stain your teeth after a while, and my smile will always be my best accessory.  Instead I make smoothies from home with some superfoods that have tons of antioxidants and protein that will last me up until lunch time which is longer than coffee has ever lasted me. Like I said before, I don't want you to feel like you have to cut anything out of your diet, but to cut down so it doesn't become an excessive habit. If you need a really quick energy boost in the morning, do a head stand up against a wall (without injuring yourself) for about 10 seconds because in yoga, inversions do help raise your energy levels and can really wake you up. I also like to blast music on my headphones to wake my brain up and get myself pumped for the day after my early morning yoga practice.  

Grocery Shopping

As a college student grocery shopping has been something that I have struggled with since I first moved to California back in October. I've developed a system so I'm able to consistently have food in my kitchen.

  1. Since it is now officially spring, farmers' markets are selling fresh foods for reasonably low prices. I would suggest buying in season. I'm sure that's a no-brainer, but not everyone knows that. I recently went to Whole Foods yesterday, and I bought organic loose carrots for $0.79/lb, and lemons and limes were 3 for $1!! Buying good fruits and vegetables are super cheap when you buy them around this time of year. According to a recent video on Thrive Market's blog you can even freeze your fruits and veggies to make them last for a while.
  2. Also according that same video, it didn't click with me until it was mentioned, but all the fresh produce are located on the outlying perimeter of grocery stores. So it's best to shop around the outside of the store because that's where you're going to find produce that's best for your diet, because all the processed and packaged food items are usually located on the inner part of the store. I thought that was an interesting observation and I'm determined to use this strategy in the future for all of my grocery shopping.
  3. This has always been a big habit of mine, is to have a general list of groceries so you're not tempted to buy items you think you need but really don't. Also it helps to have a projected budget or general idea in terms of how much you intend to spend. This has helped me because it would force me to REALLY evaluate whether it was necessary to buy certain items, and to evaluate the prices because I would rather purchase multiple low priced items, than to splurge on few expensive items that probably wouldn't last me vey long.
  4. This brings me to speak about longevity. If you can make your groceries last for as long as possible, that will save you so much money. My new roommate this quarter was telling me one day she went to Whole Foods Market and how she saw a small package of organic strawberries for $5.99, but the regular strawberries were the same price, but in a much bigger package. I know organic is great believe me, but when it comes to saving money, it might not be the best idea.
  5. NEVER GO TO THE GROCERY STORE HUNGRY!!! This was my biggest downfall when I first moved. I usually did pretty good, but I'd always stock up on mostly snacks than I would of actual food which made me constantly hungry. Constant snacking is an eating habit that I wouldn't recommend.  
  6. It's best to keep some sort of track record of when items in your fridge will be gone. If I know I'm about to run out of milk, that's always my cue to go and get more, so that when I use up the last bit of the milk, I don't have to go without milk for however long until I finally get the chance to go shopping.
These are my tips and tricks to maintaining a well-balanced and healthy diet that works best for you without having to cut anything out or go through any major extremities when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Please let me know in the comment section below what else you want me to write about, because I love hearing from you, especially on social media, and I do want to create content that you'll find enjoyable.

Stay Beautiful <3

April 11, 2016

Tip of the Week- Rest and Hydration

Hey fashionistas! This is more of a bonus post for the week, but this is a tip that goes out to those who are like me and have so much trouble getting up out of bed in the morning. My greatest tip is to drink a huge glass of water (and I mean ONLY water) right before you go to bed. That way you're getting your daily (or nightly) dose of water and when you're alarm goes off, you'll be awake, but what really gets you out of bed is the burning desire to go to the bathroom. Hey! If that doesn't motivate you to get up, I don't know what can.

Stay Beautiful <3

April 09, 2016

Renew Your Motivation and Inspiration

Hey fashionistas!! This week's YouTube video is now online, and I find my topic for this week to be so relevant those of you who want to learn how to get your dreams off the ground. Let me know what you think!!

Stay Beautiful <3

April 08, 2016

Laura Kirkpatrick's 2016 Fashion Angels

2015 Miss Kentucky Clark Davis

Hey fashionistas! This week's post is about the recent fashion show I attended when I was visiting my hometown back in my "Old Kentucky Home". I went to support my friend who is the current 2015 Miss Kentucky Clark Davis who was the fabulous emcee for the event. The event was hosted by Laura Kirkpatrick who competed on America's Next Top Model and the founder of Beautiful Minds: Dyslexic Charity, and due to Clark and Laura both having dyslexia led to Clark hosting the event.


The fashion show was in fact enjoyable, the featured designers were very talented. My overall favorite collection was the Chinese inspired one that was very elegant, beautiful, and the chosen models were very graceful. The silk or silk-like fabric choices were on point with vibrant colors, lots of luster. It was the best one out of all the collections I saw.

However, the only issue I had was that maybe one or two collections seemed really mainstream and a little unoriginal. One designer's collection was prom themed, and I it had the typical long dresses with glitter, rhinestones, and sparkle; this is my personal opinion, but I didn't like it because it seemed a bit been there done that.

This was rather funny, but one of the featured designers decided to choose a Drake song to debut their collection. It was "0-100 (Real Quick)" but it was the full on explicit version with all kinds of words bouncing off the walls. I do recall a woman covering her daughter's ears, and there was a good 30-45 seconds where the music would still be going, but no one was on the runway and it was kind of embarrassing and slightly unprofessional... Then as the models were going down the runway, kept getting this feeling of deja vu, and then I discovered that same set of models were going round in a circle (down the runway, backstage, then back down the runway), and it was really strange.

Other than these two collections, the others were really great and well designed. There were a few mainstream designers, but they were well designed. Also there were some other amazing designers who had really eddgy, girly, ecclectic, or classic styles. After having spoken to Laura Kirkpatrick herself after the show, she mentions that she features only 10 designers every year as long as an application is submitted. So who knows?! I might even be able to feature my own pieces next year back in my hometown (just something to think about).  I thought it was amazing to be able to see my beautiful friend Clark Davis who I'm so proud to have gone to school with, socialize, and the money I spent for admission went to an amazing charity. I'm so proud of the work that was put into the show.

Stay Beautiful <3